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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 5, 2018 9:00pm-9:15pm CEST

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from the forest stories focus not on w. . news. the c.w. news live from berlin with iran's economy on the brink leaders are taking desperate measures outreach iranians have taken to the streets over rising food prices and a falling economy with new u.s. sanctions due to take effect tomorrow the leadership is using harsh currency risk restrictions. also coming out. venezuela's president says he has survived the
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drone attack in the capital now the blame game nicolas maduro says venezuelans living in the u.s. or perhaps colombia are behind the apparent assassination attempt we'll have the u.s. response and the latest from caracas. i'm irish waiter thanks for joining us iranians will wake up tomorrow to a new round of u.s. sanctions ripping into an economy that's already staggering the government is taking steps to ease foreign exchange transactions and allow iranians to bring in currency and gold all to combat the sanctions expected effects with an increasingly restless population and the sad state of the economy may be too little too late. it's the fourth time this year have taken to the street to protest they're angry
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about high prices and the government the accuser iran's political leaders leading the country into ruin with mismanagement and corruption and now new u.s. sanctions promised to make things even tougher. relations between the u.s. and iran have gotten worse three months ago president donald trump unilaterally pulled out of the iran nuclear deal and said he imposed the toughest sanctions iran has ever faced a declaration of economic war against the islamic republic. sense then iran's economy has plunged into chaos the collapse of the country's currency the ryal has accelerated it has now lost seventy percent of its value against the euro the government has banned many currency transactions since april the falling reale didn't just hurt currency holders food prices have risen by at least forty percent . and last week president trump further stirred the pot with a surprising proposal thank you very much thank you i would certainly meet with
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iran if they wanted to meet i don't know that they're ready to have a hard time right now but i ended the iran deal it was a ridiculous deal the response from iran's leaders was tepid but several international media have reported that a meeting could happen in new york at the next general assembly of the united nations but for now iran will have to see how it manages to cope with the new american sanctions. for more on this i'm joined now by eric randolph a journalist in teheran eric so as we just heard in that report the economy in iran is not doing well what does this mean for the average iranian. well a lot of these problems have been around for a long time these were hoping that the nuclear deal in twenty fifteen would bring in not so foreign investment but would wait to start rebuilding the economy and really power out of. heart and now that it's falling apart at stuff from the not going to. the way that solves any problems for iranians jobless rates rising
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prices problems of the currency the moment the real issue is that people have just lost faith in the government. issues and that's why we're seeing a big run on the currency. speaking of the currency of iranian ryall has dropped in value dramatically over the past month so now the government has announced they're easing foreign exchange rules what do you make of this you know what they tried to fix the rate back in april and it was a disaster all that did was open up the black market speculated some people the hot political connections we were able to use that in corrupt ways and that increased the anger on the streets even more interesting things today that we've actually seen the arrest of the central bank governor who's in charge of foreign exchange and there has been a real push to actually take judicial action against corrupt officials and will see that it could be a genuine positive to come out of all of these problems for eric we've also been hearing about protests in several places around the country how does this make
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president rouhani look. it was very hard for us to verify what's going on out there because the reporting instructions that keep us closely tied to our own son in iran is under pressure from all sides people who want reform of deeply frustrated but also his conservative opponents who say should never have trusted the united states and see the collapse of the knicks. as proving them right we've had religious leaders today over the weekend saying that there needs to be more action against corrupt people in the government he's on pressure from all sides at the same time the establishment doesn't want to see him leave straightaway because there's no obvious alternative and they want to keep the system intact the first round of u.s. actions against iran they go into effect tomorrow how is this going to fax the economic situation as it stands. the sanctions are actually going on tuesday at
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midnight but these sanctions are going to have some impact they're hitting things like the car industry utility to buy planes some financial transactions the real pain will come in november when iran will be blocked from selling oil and the. transactions for a central baghdad kid that's when it starts to lose the biggest part of its economic. industry and that's one move possibly see some of the real playing start at the moment so far it's a lot of anxiety a lot of fear it's not clear exactly what the economic impact will be the best in times ahead for everybody in this country. eric randolph thank you so much thanks a lot. another strong earthquake has struck the indonesian island of lombok officials say at least thirty nine people have died and many more were injured the seven point zero magnitude earthquake struck the northern part of lombok early on sunday
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evening an earlier tsunami warning has now been lifted officials say strong tremors damaged buildings across the island and in nearby bali last week another earthquake struck lombok struck lombok and killed at least sixteen people. after an apparent assassination attempt on venezuelan president nicolas maduro the blame game is underway but there are survived what looks like a drone a bomb attack during a military parade on saturday he is now pointing the finger at colombians and at venezuelan exiles living in the u.s. state of florida u.s. national security adviser john bolton pushed back against that accusation just a short time ago there was no u.s. government involvement in this at all just within the past couple of hours i've spoken with our charge a in caracas the head diplomatic official down there he and his staff are up much of the night making sure that americans in venezuela are safe as of now now with
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respect to what happened last after noon look it could be a lot of things from a pretext set up by the majority in itself to something else now let's take a look at how exactly the alleged attack unfolded as venezuelan president maduro was speaking at a military parade in caracas. drew in full flow suddenly cut short. this footage broadcast live on state television shows the moment when an apparent explosion rocked a military parade sending hundreds fleeing on foot. the government declared it an assassination attempt. and i'm going to ask which i don't want to see on the explosions were heard which we have established as coming from multiple drone idea. of the fact of what i want to that people did wrong to find out that they will not think it was an attempt on the life of the president of
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venezuela nicolas maduro but to put everyone at ease the attack has failed or that others without a complaint i mean. just hours later my dura gave a defiant speech speculating that the incident was a right wing conspiracy with ties abroad and total sheehan i mean ten thousand or so i see not a movie there has been an attempt to assassinate me not to go but i have no doubt that this all points to the extreme right in venezuela and in alliance with the right in colombia and that colombia's president juan manuel santos is behind this attempt i have no doubt. have become one of the biggest threats to my duros administration for more we're joined now by correspondent all special like a who's in the venezuelan capital caracas asked have been some competing claims of involvement and responsibility tell us about the. yes through social media
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a group that calls themselves the t.-shirt soldiers released a memo claiming responsibility for the failed attempt against president who are as indicated in the memo the etc retired military group indicated this was part of an operation called phoenix to oust the government for violating the constitution however there is a lot of skepticism surrounding this plan because there's no way of proving whether it's real or not despite being backed by some journalists and we've also seen that six people have already been arrested what do we know about that well we know very little about the suspects in custody other than the government accounts that the six suspects were captured right after the attacks financial fleet the government also issued a warrant for the arrest of some of the other implicated in the attack including the explosives experts and the drone operator so mike dural blames colombia and people in florida why would these parties want him dead as he alleges
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well according to mike who wrote this plot against seven was aimed at sanitizing his new economic measures we are having a few weeks to a new currency for business where the and you measure should distribute subsidize gasoline measures that have not gone over well with the public however both the u.s. and for whom you have played he displays have said these players were absurd and possible pretext for the government's use of a suppressed social on last week's has been increasing with each day some also if you're just good it's be an excuse to closer but there's more colombians gorder through which millions about as long as i've been fleeing the crisis making it the largest something american migration in recent history. and you mentioned a possible crackdown and the venezuelan opposition in fact has been warning that my daughter oh may use this attack in his favor are we going to see a further political crackdown against critics. well yes it is exploded and i would have said it's all been solved the opposition brought in from which is
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a new coalition has said that yesterday's events could have been a fortune in the state were the government should start a crackdown against the opposition and the coalition. is demanding proof of the drills and. before the government continues with music to say she has this is really turned out to be the story of the boy who cried wolf because my little has accused the opposition of abuse twenty plots against islam but this is the first time actually see something play out whether it was an assassination gone wrong or fortunately is still to be decided journalist. thank you so much and now let's bring you some of the other stories making news around the world south sudan's government has signed a final peace deal and power sharing agreement with the main opposition party the deal will form a unity government the country has been torn by civil war since against dependence
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from sudan in two thousand and eleven. twenty people were killed after a vintage airplane crashed in the swiss alps the world war two aircraft smashed into a mountainside at an altitude of around two thousand five hundred meters after taking off from the cardinal the plane was carrying seventeen passengers and three crew wildfires have grown stronger in southern portugal hundreds of firefighters were sent to battle a forest fire with the assistance of the aircraft it's been one of the hottest weekends on record for the iberian peninsula the europe wide heat wave has been especially severe in portugal and spain with temperatures exceeding forty five degrees celsius on saturday. in hockey ireland's fairy tara wall cup run ended in defeat when they were thrashed six nil by the netherlands in the final ireland's women had pulled off shock after shock topping
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a group containing hockey heavyweights india and england on route to the country's first ever final in field sports but the dutch proved the better team dominating proceedings from the start to claim their eighth world title the civil in battle will be some consolation for the irish and that the european championships and glasgow there was more joy for germany in the pool as florian felt rock took gold in the men's fifteen hundred meter freestyle the twenty year old clocked a national record of fourteen minutes thirty six point one five seconds to finish ahead of ukraine's a hell of roman roman talk and the way it's going to go three and three me happy he was germany second swimming gold of the weekend after their surprise win in the freestyle mixed relay and a reminder of our top story this hour iranian iraq iran's are already up in arms about their economy they'll wake up to a new set of sets of u.s. sanctions on monday now the government has announced plans to ease foreign exchange roles in a bid to use the impact temperament said to lift restrictions on the use of hard
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currency to buy goods. you actually do w. news don't forget you can always check out our web site t w dot com for all the latest i'm irish waiter in berlin and thank you so much. in the letter we were. when we were. kids and some people in our lives will experience hardship. for some.

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